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Wilderness Family Mayonnaise 32oz
Wilderness Family Mayonnaise 32oz
Wilderness Family Mayonnaise 32oz
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This certified organic mayonnaise, made from a unique oil blend, is like no other. The oils were selected based on the writings of Dr. Mary Enig.

In this unique mayo you will discover the raw taste of a centrifuged olive oil with its olive taste, the raw tahini taste characteristic of sesame seeds and the gentle, sweet taste of raw coconuts. Each oil provides a very distinctive, natural flavor and the blend creates a product unlike any other mayonnaise on the market.

Each oil has its own distinctive color as well. You will notice this mayonnaise is a deep orange yellow color. this is the result of the rich greenish-yellow color of the olive oil and the rich yellow-brown color of the unrefined sesame seed oil along with the natural seasonings and eggs.

So what are the ingredients in this Organic Mayo?

Certified Organic, (Raw) Centrifuged Extra Virgin Olive Oil Certified Organic, (Raw) Unrefined Sesame Seed Oil Certified Organic, (Raw) Centrifuged Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Certified Organic, Eggs Certified Organic, Vinegar Certified Organic, Spices (Ground Mustard, Garlic, Onion & Paprika) Certified Organic, Evaporated Cane Juice Sea Salt We feel we have a genuine winner and are very excited to be able to provide this certified organic mayonnaise to our customers. It is rich, creamy and delicious.

A necessity for sauces, dips, sandwiches and dressings. A blessing for quick and easy sandwiches or salads. A true blessing for families with a fast paced lifestyle It has a 18 Month shelf life from date of manufacture. If you haven't had a chance to try this mayonnaise, now would be a good time. Mayonnaise is best when stored at 35 to 85 degrees F. Freezing of mayonnaise will cause it to separate as the emulsion breaks. This occurs with all mayonnaise, not just ours.